Flat Wire

Flat wire mesh conveyor belt

Flat wire mesh

Better Stability – Increased Capacity

Flat wire mesh design eliminates gaps between pickets to provide better product stability and less vibration as product is conveyed. Combined with its low acquisition cost, flat wire mesh conveyor belts can provide a processor efficient, trouble-free operation for an extended period of time. Flat wire mesh belting offers an impressive group of features that make it a smart choice for many types of production environments:

  • high strength to weight ratio for increased carrying capacity
  • large open mesh for easy air circulation and drainage
  • can be quickly collapsed and cleaned to meet sanitation requirements
  • minimum maintenance means lower operating costs
  • strong, rugged construction translates into longer service life
  • positive sprocket drive results in better belt tracking
  • flat surface provides better product stability
  • standard and heavy duty specifications available

Sprocket Driven

Flat wire mesh conveyor belts are typically driven by a motorized sprocket wheel at the end of the line. Wire Mesh Conveyor Belts can ensure that your flat wire mesh conveyor design is a suitable match for your sprocket drive pulley. We also engineer sprockets and can help you with the proper selection!

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