Friction Drive Conveyor Belts

What Makes it Go?

Straight-line friction drive conveyor belts are set in motion by a motorized pulley bar at the end of the line. As the wire mesh conveyor belt comes in contact with the pulley bar, the belt is turned by friction. And since the conveyor belt is one big loop, it will roll continually while the motor rotates the pulley.

conventional weave wire mesh and friction drive conveyor belts

Conventional Weave Wire Mesh

Balanced Weave

The evolution of the balanced weave wire mesh conveyor belt.

The conveyor belt was an integral part of the industrial revolution as the formation of assembly lines and mass production took hold worldwide. In the early 1900’s, wire mesh conveyor belts were moving products and parts up and down the line. The earliest wire mesh conveyor belts were a conventional design of interlocking wire loops, all “looping” in the same direction. As these belts were driven in a straight line, friction would cause them to pull in the one direction of the wire loops, causing the belts to frequently derail.

balanced weave wire mesh and friction drive conveyor belts

Balanced Weave Wire Mesh with crimped connecting rods

A more balanced approach.
By alternating the direction of the wire loops in each row, and placing a rod between each row, the production world was ‘set straight’. The balanced weave wire mesh conveyor belt design is the most used type in production to this day in facilities all over the planet. It’s hard-working, consistent performance moves a myriad of products through all kinds of production environments – from freezers, to liquefiers, to ovens.

Applications for Friction Driven Balanced Weave Wire Mesh

Balanced weave wire mesh conveyor belts are the most common type of wire mesh conveyors in use today because of their reliability and performance, and they are a must-have in bakeries and other high-temperature applications ( but certainly are not limited to just these types of operations ). Our straight-line conveyor belts will deliver consistent, reliable performance for a very long time. At Wire Mesh Conveyor Belts, we pride ourselves in giving customers the after-sale support they need to ensure a maximum-use life cycle for their conveyor belt investments.

Choosing Specifications for a Balanced Weave Wire Mesh Conveyor Belt

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balanced weave conveyor belt specifications

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