Industries We Serve

Over 80 Years of Engineering & Manufacturing Experience

Agriculture: Sod Harvesting; weed harvesting; nut harvesting; clam chain; waterman

Beverage Industry: Bottled Drinks; Fruit Juices

Canning Industry: Washing; Transferring

Ceramic Industry: Brazing; Firing; Decorating; Annealing

Conveyor Industry: Original Equipment Manufacturers; Washing; Cooling; Freezing; Food Processing; Parts Washing; Canning

Dairy Industry: Milk; Cheese; Egg

Electronics: Drying; Transferring; Firing; Circuit boards


Food Processing: Including Cooling; Freezing; Baking; Frying; Transferring; Washing; Dewatering; Blanching; Cooking; Poultry; Meat; Fruit; Vegetables; Frozen Foods



Frozen Foods: Frozen Foods; Pizza; Vegetables; Dough

Glass Industry: Cooling; Lehrs; Transfers; Annealing; Enameling; Firing; Curing Glass

Heat Treating: Sintering; Annealing; Quenching (salt, water, oil, poly); Cooling; Nuts; Bolts; Fasteners; Bearings; Automotive

Metalworking: All areas including Conveying; Heat Treating; Springs; Castings




Rubber: Rubber Extrusions; Tire & Molded Products

Snack Foods: Pretzels; Potato Chips; Candy; Crackers; Tortillas; Baked Goods; Bagels

Textiles: Foam, Carpet; Insulation; Fiberglass; Print Screening

Wood: Lumber; Woodworking; Veneer

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