Positive Drive Conveyor Belts

Positive Drive Wire Mesh Conveyor

Positive chain driven wire mesh conveyor belt

What Makes it Go?

Positive drive conveyor belts are set in motion by a motorized sprocket bar at the end of the conveyor line. The wire mesh conveyor belt weave is designed to interface with the sprockets when they come in contact with the roller bar, giving operators optimal control over speed, tracking, and other production line variables. With chain driven applications, the wire mesh conveyor belt has a continuous chain link on its outside edges that engage a sprocket wheel.

Positively Driven

From agriculture to woodworking, positive drive conveyor belts are used in a wide range of production applications. At Wire Mesh Conveyor Belts, we provide straight-line positive drive wire mesh belts to a broad range of industries. Available in many sizes and materials, we can help you determine the best configuration for your application, including materials USDA certified for food safety.

Applications for Positive Drive Conveyor Belts

We’re experienced in the placement of positive drive wire mesh conveyor belts in numerous applications like annealing, ash handling, baking, breading, coating, cooling, excavation, frying, heating, packaging, product movement, soil and gravel removal, washing, and much more.

Choosing Specifications for a Balanced Weave Wire Mesh Conveyor Belt

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Review our handy order specifications guide below ( or click here for a downloadable PDF ) that will help you determine what you already have and need to replace, or call us at 1-910-431-2088 for assistance if you’re purchasing for a new application.

balanced weave conveyor belt specifications

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