Round Wire

Round wire used in a balanced weave conveyor belt

Round wire used in a balanced weave conveyor belt

The Workhorse of Wire Mesh

Round wire is the most commonly used component in the making of wire mesh. Its ready availability, with no further modifications needed, make round wire mesh a staple of conveyor belt systems and it enjoys wide acceptance in almost every type of mass production.

Well-Rounded into a Balanced Weave

In a balanced weave design, a right hand wound spiral is alternated with a left hand spiral and joined by a connector rod. This balanced approach helps reduce stresses during operation and nearly eliminates the tendency for the conveyor belt to creep to one side of the drive roller bar. Maximum flexibility and precise tracking performance are obtained in this design since the spirals hinge freely and avoid contact with the adjacent spiral. The connecting rods provide added strength and minimize elongation or width contraction of the conveyor belt. These features, combined with its economical cost, make round wire mesh in a balanced weave design ideally suited for friction and chain driven belt systems. For more information on the history of the balanced weave conveyor belt, click here.

On the Move

The round wire mesh balanced weave conveyor belt is widely used in production applications such as:

  • the agricultural industry for harvesting, sorting, washing, and general conveying
  • the food processing industry for washing, de-watering, blanching, cooling, freezing, pasteurizing, palletizing and depalletizing
  • the glass and ceramic industry for firing, decorating, enameling, annealing, and curing
  • the electronics industry for sealing, heat treating, drying, and general conveying

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Choosing Specifications for a Balanced Weave Wire Mesh Conveyor Belt

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Review our handy order specifications guide below ( or click here for a downloadable PDF ) that will help you determine what you already have and need to replace, or call us at 1-910-431-2088 for assistance if you’re purchasing for a new application.

balanced weave conveyor belt specifications

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