Wire Cloth, Filtration & Custom Fabrication

wire cloth, filtration, and custom fabrication

We’re Product Engineers – Not Salespeople

Wire Mesh Conveyor Belts offers a wide variety of wire cloth, filtration, and custom fabrication products. From water and ash screens to filter leaves for the food industry, we’ve been supplying carefully designed products for many years. Whether you have a heavy industrial or a delicate food processing application, it would benefit your organization to put our experience to work for you.

Our team of professionals is very close to the manufacturing process. We don’t consider ourselves ‘middlemen’ because we are in very close business relationships with the manufacturers of our products. We walk the talk on both sides of the order fulfillment process – the engineering design side, and the final production application side. Its extremely important to us to know that you are receiving the right product fit for your operational needs, and that you will enjoy a maximum life-cycle use from our product placement. We just think this is the right way to do business, and that it will help us fulfill our core business principle – building business relationships that last.

Custom Fabrications

Because we are more ‘engineer’ than ‘salesperson’, we’ve developed strategic partnerships with manufacturers. Custom fabrications get us excited, unlike other fulfillment providers who want to fit you into a stock product solution. We love to engineer solutions for our customers. From open weave designs used in sorting or de-watering, to intricate filtration designs, to CNC machining for specialty applications – we’ll work hard to provide you with a product solution that will meet your production requirements and exceed your expectations.

Give Us a Call.

Need a sounding board? Not exactly sure which style of mesh is right for your conveyor system? Looking to get more 'bang for your buck' out of wire mesh applications?

Give us a call. We would like to get to know you and the challenges you're facing. After all, we're in the wire mesh conversation on a daily basis, and we're glad to share best practices and tips that we've acquired over decades of experience with wire mesh conveyor belts and wire mesh filtration applications.

Your Service Partner.

You're more than a 'sale' to us. We're interested in helping you find the right solution to your manufacturing challenges, and helping to lower your operational expenses.

One of our more popular services is the Conveyor Belt Installation package. When you purchase your conveyor belts through us, we can guide you through the proper installation process that will ensure maximum-use life cycle of your new conveyor belt.